Another New Year, Another Resolution.

As someone in the communications field, it’s always recommended that we are aware and familiar with the trends in social media. I am, yet again, making an attempt to start and use a blog. I read some where that a way to make a resolution stick is to write it down in present, rather than future tense. So instead of ‘I will start a blog this year’  I am stating that ‘I am writing a blog this year.’ Hopefully, this time, it will stick.

It is a little sad that my New Year should also fall on Single’s Awareness Day *ahem* Valentines Day, but I do have some Dharma Words that are quite fitting for my situation. These Dharma Words I am referring to was given to me in a red envelope from a Buddhist Temple (It’s sort of like a fortune from a fortune cookie), it reads:

Only after the chilling cold
will the winter plum blossom,
profuse in fragrance.

Only through the fiery
heat of summer will
the lotus flower release its
sweet smell.

… I wanted to write a clever translation, but the one I came up with,  just made me a little depressed…

So I’ll just sign off with, Happy New Year and welcome to Expedition 2010.


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