Olympics – Patrick Chan

Since late last year I have been infatuated with Patrick Chan, which is quite an embarrassment to admit considering how young he is and how old I am. The Olympic men’s qualifying rounds were last night and I stayed  up until 11pm (which is quite late for me considering I’m up at 5:45am for work) to watch him skate. My body was shaking with anticipation.  Brian Joubert skated before Chan and a small part of me hoped he would tumble and fall from his quad, but when he actually did I felt terrible. Joubert is an awesome skater, but he was definately off his game, which made me nervous for Chan. I thought Chan did well, but definitely not as well as anyone thought he would have done. I’m excited for the finals, Chan most likely won’t get gold or even silver, but I hope he gets on the podium!

He’s just sooooo cute!!! And I don’t mean physically, watching him in interviews my heart just melts at how adorable he is!

http://olympics.thestar.com/2010/article/708435–patrick-chan-ice-prince (my favourite interview of his)

I’m such a creepy stalker, I’m ashamed of myself…



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