Puma for Patrick Chan

Last night I went to bed after Patrick Chan had skated (it was another late night for me), and his big smile was the last thing I saw before I turned it. Chan was ranked first as I headed into the dream world, but when I woke up to the real world, he was fifth. I knew there was a good chance he would be knocked off the podium, there were still a few skaters to go after him, and I didn’t want to see his fall.

I thought Chan did very well, other than some technical glitches, but today I spent some time defending Chan’s performance and found out some interesting news about myself. So I’m a puma, it appears, for Patrick Chan. I found this to be very interesting news, I’ve never really thought my feline tendencies would land me in such a category, but it has! I can’t say I mind so much though… the thought makes me smiles a little, now I just need to figure out if PC likes big cats…



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