Freaky Food

A daily ritual of mine is to arrive at the Go station and pick up a Metro. Today’s edition (Wed. Feb. 24, 2010) included an article on “5 freaky food destinations.” The tag line of the article is “You may want to skip these local delicacies.’ I didn’t find any of the food selection incredibly freaky, and was a little thrown off when one of the delicacies mentioned was durian fruit. I love durian and I can think of a dozen other dishes that are much more ‘exotic.’ Yes, durian does smell, but I’d equate my appreciation for durian to an other’s appreciation for stinky cheese. It’s a very yummy fruit, but yes, very smelly.
As mentioned in the article, the smell can be so potent to some that it is forbidden from some hotels, like this one. I stole accidentally took this placard as a bookmark, from a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. I thought it was quite amusing.



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