Kitty Confusion

No, this isn’t about cats, this is another post about Patrick Chan…but on the upside, the Olympics are coming to a close and this will probably be the last one! I heard an interview on Virgin Radio with Pat Chan where the poor kid was asked these very awkward questions, with one question prompting a response of “no…I did not bone with her…” He’s so cute!  I could not stop laughing listening to this 3 minute interview. When I got to work I mentioned this interview to a co-worker, and I told her I was a puma for Patrick Chan. My co-worker is a couple years older than me and said something along the lines of, “you’re not a puma, I’m a puma, I think you’re a kitty or kitten or something.” Really? I’m so confused! As if being female isn’t hard enough, I don’t even understand how my slightly inappropriate crush is classified. How did these silly classifications come to be? I thought they were funny, now I’m just annoyed. I’m making a stand, I’m a tigress and that’s that!

For those of you who’ve I’ve disappointed because this post isn’t actually about a cat, here’s arguably the cutest cat video found online.



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