Cortex International

I have Ugly Betty/Hermione hair. It’s thick, frizzy and hard to control. I had an NP straightener, but I broke it and I needed a replacement. I was really sad about the idea of spending another hundred on a straightener, but I had found an NP and a Chi at my local mall for $120, which isn’t too bad, but it made me sad none-the-less. Then my cousin took me to Style Sense and I found the Cortex International. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but I thought a straightener is a straightener and it was $50, which suited my budget much better.

I purchased the DUO in hot pink which is fun (it also comes in black and red) and I’m quite impressed! The set includes a 1″ and 1/4″ straightener, as well as a hair clip. Everything works really well, so far no hairs have been pulled out, AND the little dinky one (aka the mini) also works!!! I guess size doesn’t really matter ; P


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