Cleaning out the Closet

For some reason, the inside of my bedroom closet is also a storage space for things that belong to my siblings. I decided to rearrange some things in my room and store more things on the self in my closet, and return to my siblings their belongings. I had forgotten that I had also stored/hidden in the back of my closet bags of things from ex-boyfriends and friends/coworkers that tried to sweep me off my feet with gifts. It was really strange to look back on these gifts, and read love letters and cards signed “Eternally Yours” and “Your one and only” ’cause clearly it didn’t work out that way!

I had my first boyfriend when I was 15 and looking at these mementos of our high school love is… I actually don’t have the words to describe it… I’m embarrassed for us! Reading our correspondence I could not stop laughing! What were we smoking in high school? I think on one of our dates we actually planned our wedding! Gosh, to be young and naive again…

Who knew cleaning out the closet could be so interesting?


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