Last Weekend of Spring

This weekend was the closing weekend of the Luminato Festival. It was lots of fun and was a great way to stimulate an under-stimulated mind. However, I do have some gripes. The Presidents Choice 1000 Tastes of Toronto was a little disappointing, with a lack of variety and no ice cream stand!!! It was boiling on Saturday and although I appreciated the free mini ice cream cone (the Marshmellow and Chocolate flavour was delish!), it was not enough to cool you down. As well, I didn’t like the set up. In order to purchase food, each person had to by $5.00 tickets, so everything from plates of food or desserts, to a glass of lemonade was $5.00. And then there were some vendors who had a $7.00 option which I didn’t understand, and didn’t bother to ask about. I think $2.00 tickets would’ve made more sense and vendors could price things in values of $2, cause $5 for a ‘Mediterranean’ lemonade seems ridiculous.

My next gripe was finding things! The Luminato booklet was helpful in letting you know what things were around, but not where they were. That meant walking by things without realizing it. I think rather than listing things (events/installations/shows) by date, it should have been listed by location and then date. So, at Queens park you will find this, the Distillery District has this and the Financial district will have this… ect.

Otherwise, the the Ship O’ Fools Chinese junk boat installations was pretty cool (and creepy, something about it reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho). There were lots of interesting art pieces within the little confines of the vessel.

Queens park was a blast! I LOVED the Friends With You/Wish Come True characters, they’re soooo cute, even the one that looked like a tampon applicator was cute! And the air filled, gigantic balls that you could push around were amazing! So much fun trying to knock my friends down with those!

The Distillery District was also beautiful and lively and the shows we saw at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts were so creative! It was so much fun, especially the seemingly guerrilla art performances in the lobby, just walking out of the theater you were met by music and people around you, it was fantastic.

I love summer festivals in Toronto!


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  1. s Says:

    I wanna squish ittt

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