Yellow Fever

My friend VK had a lovely BBQ this weekend. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, the company was first rate and the conversation was… enlightening (yeah, I think that word will do). We talked about various things; food, pop culture, school, work and inevitably we ended up talking about dating, relationships and Yellow Fever. I can’t recall how we ended up on this topic of conversation, but we did. We asked one of the guys what it is exactly that drives Yellow Fever and he gave us three general explanations.

J explained (and this was all in fun) that from his experience, Asian women

1) are less likely to ‘break your balls’ about the little things

2) look youthful and age beautifully

3) have a go signal (this one was definitely my favourite, this ‘go signal’ refers to the red flush many Asians get while drinking alcohol. It’s sort of like a reverse liquid courage for men)

It was really funny to hear his top three (rated G) explanations and I might not agree with all of them, but it was still funny and I did learn something new =) If you want to know more about Yellow Fever, this video is great!


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