Famous… and Old

So this weekend my friend and I decided to meet up for a movie. I wanted to see Eat Pray Love, and he wanted to see The Last Air Bender, so we settled for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It was actually a really cute movie and I thought the effects were clever and very well done. I also loved Alfred Molina in this! Some scenes from the movie seemed to be copied from others (LOTR, Fantasia), so it wasn’t entirely original, but for what it was, I really enjoyed it!

When the movie was finished I headed to the washroom (my rootbeer had caught up with me), and I overheard a conversation between a girl and her mother. The conversation went something like this, and it was in regards to Nicolas Cage:

Girl: The man who played Balthazar was really good.
Mom: He’s a very famous actor.

They entered the stalls and I just thought, omg am I that old?  The next generation doesn’t know Nicolas Cage?

I feel old, and I know I shouldn’t, and yet, I do…


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