The Colour Purple


Today I wore purple. I wore purple for Tyler Clementi (18),
Seth Walsh (13),
Justin Aaberg (15),
Raymond Chase (19),
Asher Brown (13),
Cody J. Barker (17),
Harrison Chase Brown (15),
Caleb Nolt (14),
Billy Lucas (15),
Jeanine Blanchette (21),
and Chantal Dube (17),
11 recent teen suicides.



So I wore purple to commemorate these suicides caused by homophobia and bullying. I had joined a Facebook Event, “Wear Purple To Commemorate The Suicides Caused By Homophobia” created by two girls from my hometown Samantha Rogers and Sarah Stephen it started off with a humble 10,000 members when I joined, and now sits at over 150,000 members.

I was there for one of my best friends when he was coming out in high school. I heard people talk about him and make jokes at his expense in the cafeteria and when I got angry they would just say ‘we’re kidding’ or ‘it’s only a joke.’ People think that words can’t hurt, but as a Communications Grad whose had the opportunity to study persuasion, inoculation and psychological warfare, I know how much damage words can cause. I didn’t have to lose my friend because he was strong and when he came out, he came out ready to face the world.

I’m so grateful and so proud to have him as my friend and as part of my family, and so sad that these teens and children thought they had no one they could turn to and no reason to live. So today I wore purple,  not only to commemorate those who have passed, but to celebrate those who are still here.

I ❤ u D.C.


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One Response to “The Colour Purple”

  1. Daine Crawford aka D.C. Says:

    **speechless** but all I can manage to think of is THANK YOU for being you and being there.

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