Trust me… I have candy!

Oh, Halloween, a night to troll the streets with the youngest members of the family and prod them to keep going ’cause you want more Candy =) Well, at least that’s what it was for me! I took out my two nieces, along with my sister and cousin, taking them house to house to collect their tricks or treats. Before we even left our street, we may not have even reached 10 houses yet, and I came to a moral conundrum. We were approaching a haunted house created in someone’s garage. I saw it two houses down and told my sister to pull out her camera and record. I could see two people within, one dressed as a pirate holding a bowl of candy, closer to the front, and one lurking in the back with some sort of monster costume on.

I tried very hard to convince my terrified niece to just go towards this makeshift haunted house. I told her I would walk up with her, hold her hand, and provide light with my phone.  She did pretty well, was fairly brave and we got her 3/4 of the way up. Close enough for the monster to jump out at her, make her scream, run down the driveway and bawl. I felt terrible, but it was sooo funny!

As a parent/guardian what are you suppose to do? This child expects you to take care of her, keep her safe, and lead her away from danger, and we expect a child to listen and trust your judgement, but then you put her through a situation like this. If she never listens to me again, can I blame her? She’s the sweetest kid in the world, and I lied to her… all for a bag of potato chips…


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2 Responses to “Trust me… I have candy!”

  1. odie Says:

    hahahaah!! awwww…who was it??
    awwww…do u have it all recorded??? i think i probably wouldda screamed too and probably jumped…
    u are such a mean aunt!! ;p

  2. llexpedition Says:

    LOL it was the littlest one =)

    You know, they do say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger…

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