Archie Marries…

So a couple of weeks ago on a lunch date with a friend, and I was lent a copy of the full Archie Marries… hardcover collectors series. I’m a huge Archie’s fan, my brother used to buy them for me when I was younger, so when ever I read an Archie, its part nostalgia and part entertainment. I was really excited when I got my hands on this and sat down and read the hole thing cover to cover (I mean intro, 6 comics and all the interviews at the back) and I’m not sure how I feel about it… I feel like Archie gets a much better deal with Victoria than he does Betty. I thought they both would have a happy ending, but they don’t.

I hate to say it, but Veronica’s story is so much more appealing! After graduation Archie gets a cheque from his parents which he uses to buy Veronica a big engagement ring. They get married, and sure he’s over worked as VP of Lodge International Oil Holding in New York, but life’s good. When the happy couple have twins, they have all the help they need and the story ends with a picture perfect Christmas with grandparents, grandkids, and Archie and Veronica in a huge room with a gorgeous fireplace and beautifully decorated tree (Quite literally picture perfect, Stan Goldberg is brilliant).

Now, after graduation in the Betty and Archie version, Archie doesn’t get a cheque from his parents, so there’s no big ring or honeymoon for that matter. I thought that was a little upsetting. Why would he get a monetary gift in one version and not the other? There’s a whole list of things I didn’t like in this story!

– Jughead gets married to Midge and Archie and Betty weren’t even invited! What? They’re best friends! That’s ridiculous!

-Midge (and others) resent the couple a little for not making time for them, and Jughead is a romantic. Um, ewww.

– Betty is still insecure about Archie and Veronica, and that plays out various times in the story, was that necessary? Does Betty’s character really have to be that self depreciating?

– And lastly, in Veronica’s version, Archie’s parents play doting grandparents, while in Betty’s version, they don’t make an appearance after the hospital birth… why?

Veronica’s version is sooo much better! I feel bad for Betty! and it’s ridiculous because its a comic, but really I wish these stories were on more of an equal ground, but they’re not… and its sad.


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