2011 Survive A New Year

Another year, another resolution… I’m not going to say I’ll eat better, or that I’ll work out more, because I know I won’t… I also had Denny’s at 3am as my first meal and 3 days into the New Year I’ve had at least one meal out. Instead, this year is going to be a year for bravery. I have three resolutions that I will try to keep.

1) Reconnect with friends I’ve lost touch with and to be bold and try to make more connections.

2) To take more pictures and be in more pictures.

3) To try something new each month, something I’ve never done before (ya know, just in case 2012 doesn’t happen). I haven’t decided what they’ll all be, but for January I will be starting French classes =) I’m quite excited! I know how nerdy that is, but I am quite excited; mostly because my desire to learn is fueled by the fantasy of going to Paris and falling in love with a charming Frenchman who will be incredibly impressed with my French language skills =D


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