Walking on Water

So I’ve been pretty bad with updating, so lets start where I left off… February went fairly well. I kept my goal of drinking a liter of water a day at the office. It kept me well hydrated, but I feel like it probably killed my productivity a bit, as I had to take multiple bathroom breaks! The mini-goal of going to bed by 10pm on weekdays was a total disaster for the most part! I just found it impossible to be in bed that early!

Now for my new thing of the month, I didn’t end up rock climbing, I went walking on water instead =) Family Day weekend meant a road trip to Ottawa and a plan of skating on the Rideau Canal. However, on the day we went, the canal was closed!!! I was sooo sad I had to drown my sorrows with a chocolate covered BeaverTail and the Winterlude ice sculpture contest! It was quite exciting! I’ve never had a beaver tail before! And I’ve never been to Winterlude before, so that counts as something new right?

The next day we were able to make it back to the canal, which was now open, but we didn’t get there until about 7pm and we were not dressed for skating, and IT WAS COLD!!! So we settled for walking to the 1km mark and back =) So yay me, I walked on water and it was totally something new!

Me on the Canal with a BeaverTail and hot chocolate =)

Now for my March goal; as a communications major, I understand the power of social media and Twitter, but I’m not particularly well versed in it, so the mini-goal is to Twitter at least once a day. The new thing for the month, will be rock climbing… hopefully.


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