Heights and Falling

I finally did it! I went rock climbing! My new thing for March was scaling walls at the Rock Oasis! I went with my lovely friend Krys and she was an awesome motivator! In general I’m not afraid of heights, I never really have been, but I’ve realized that I’m terrified of falling! Whenever I climbed a wall and felt myself slipping, I prefered to quickly climb higher and balance myself, than let go and fall two inches. I really hated the idea of falling! I know it’s silly because really, you don’t even fall far, but I just refused to let go of the wall! It just seemed logical to me to climb up, rather than fall down.

In my two hours at the gym I made it up various walls but my great accomplishment was climbing four 5.6 walls in a row! It felt really good =) For the newbies out there wanting to try rock climbing here are some lessons I learned.

  1. Cut your nails. I like growing my nails and I cut them short for my standards, but definitely not short enough by rock climbing standards. I broke quite a few of them because of that.
  2. Rock climbing is a leg sport, use your legs to propel yourself up.
  3. As a new climber I climbed on my tippy toes, but later learned its best to use the side of your foot, as it’s the strongest part of your foot and will give you greater balance.
  4. You can sit and relax if you get tired in your climb. I wasn’t aware of this part and would instead hang for dear life to the wall when I was too exhausted to move, but you can sit back and chill until your ready to go… you know, as long as your partner doesn’t mind.
  5. Go with a friend that can motivate you to keep going to the top! It really helps!
  6. Enjoy =)

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