May, My First Fail

So this month’s new thing of the month, was failing to do a new thing of the month…

Yeah, I know… that doesn’t count…

My plan for this month was to go on a ride around in a police car, however my cop friend and my schedule just didn’t match up. So I accomplished nothing this month… =(

However, I did finish Eat, Pray Love, wouldn’t recommend it. I found the book rather frivolous! I didn’t really feel like I took anything away from this story and it felt like it just dragged on forever! It never really peaked my interests.

I also read The Book of Negroes, would recommend it. Amazing book, so well written and chilling and heart warming, it was a book I just didn’t want to put down. It’s four times the size of Eat, Pray, Love and I read it four times as fast.

I’m sad I didn’t do anything new that brought me out of my comfort zone… well actually… I applied to an internal posting at work and asked to speak to the hiring manager directly about the position. That was a first and it was highly uncomfortable… It’s terrible how long it can take to draft an email with three sentences, asking for 10 minutes of someones time. I, sadly, didn’t get a¬†response, but I did put myself out there… so I guess this month wasn’t a total fail?


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