June, Bali Bliss

It’s been two months since I last posted. I feel like I have so much to catch up with I don’t know where to start. So, Bali… I spent an amazing 2 weeks traveling around Bali with two friends, Jose from Sweden and Pia from Australia. It was pretty amazing, 3 girls from 3 different continents meeting on a fourth continent. The logistics were a little complicated, but it was absolutely incredible when we were all together. We started our adventure in Kuta where I found the only Buddhist Temple in the city, Dharmayana Temple, and it was the most beautiful temple I’ve ever see. It was just so colourful and just beautiful.

It was definitely a highlight of Kuta, along with a party at the Pro Surf Lounge and learning to surf, where I got a good beating from the ocean. Surfing off of Kuta is pretty rough! The waves are big, broken coral dots the ocean floor and I left the experience with a sun burn, a board burn, red knees and a scraped arm, but at least I can say I rode 3 waves into shore and that was a big accomplishment for me.

Our next stop was Ubud, where we were mounted by monkeys in the Monkey Forest; climbed Mt. Batur at 3am to see a very cloudy sunrise, visited the Water temple Gunung Kawi, saw an amazing Balinese dance show, went tubing down the Aygun River and just indulged.

Next we traveled to Lovina, visiting the Gitgit waterfall, Banjar Hot Springs, and went dolphin watching.

Our last destination was the Gili Islands. It was beautiful, picturesque resort setting where I got to snorkel  and drink fresh coconut off a tree from right in front of my guest house. So lovely.

 June was definitely Bali Bliss =)


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