Harry Potter and Slavery

I had dim sum with the family on Saturday and heard a very interesting conversation from a group of women sitting at a table behind me. I believe they may have been a book club and they were discussing Harry Potter and how it promotes slavery.
I was trying not to eves drop, but I just couldn’t help it. Harry Potter promotes slavery?  The lady went on to talk about the demise of the House Elves and how Harry Potter, as the hero of the story, should have done more to help them. It didn’t seem appropriate the Hermione was the only person that cared about saving the house elves.

I guess I could see why this person thought this, but she also neglected that the one house elf that was released from her duties became a depressed drunk and none of the house elves at Hogwarts wanted to be freed by Hermione’s efforts.

It’s like trying to save people who choose to be butlers from being a butler, even if they like their job. What do you think?


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One Response to “Harry Potter and Slavery”

  1. Jeyna Grace Says:

    Hermione did enough to abolish slavery.. LOL.. in a sense..

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