Getting Schooled in September

My new thing for September is becoming a student again! I know a lot of people who have been out of school for a couple of year and always say they miss being in school. It’s been 2 years and a bit since I completed my Masters and I have to say, ‘no, I don’t miss it.’ BUT I was willing to go back to school to learn French, it’s such a lovely language! I’d love to go to Paris one day and be that creepy tourist that speaks poor French while hitting on the locals and making them feel uncomfortable. Perhaps I’ll be more desirable if I show off my new Jukari Fit skills (nice segue, eh?).

I didn’t really go into detail about my Jukari Fit class from last month, so I’ll cover it now. Jukari Fit to Fly is a collaboration between Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil, combining the workouts of Reebok with the creative performance of  Cirque.

Two ropes are suspended from the ceiling and a 4.5 lbs bar is place into little loops on the ropes, creating something like a swing. I thought it would’ve been this amazing opportunity to fly around and spin, but you don’t really get to do much of that, however it’s still a great workout, especially on the arms. I’ve found it’s been great on flexibility as well. I’m about as bendable as a log, but I’ve been getting better with each class. It’s fun and relatively easy and works up a sweat!


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