Wedding SOS

On September 24 I got to play the part of bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding. It was the first time I was in a wedding party and I have to say it was great fun! I love weddings and my guilty pleasure is reality tv wedding shows! LOVE those! The wedding went off fairly well, but not without some hitches… So I’ve come to realize there is a great difference between Eastern and Western weddings. My family is much more traditional Chinese, and my cousin’s husband family is much less traditional with multiple members of his family being Canadian. So here were the interesting differences.

The Ceremony: Chinese weddings have a Tea Ceremony which involves the bride and groom serving tea to family members, and receiving blessings and gifts in return. The western ceremony of walking down the isle isn’t very common and in this case, not many people showed up for the brides side =S

The Seating Plan: Chinese weddings just don’t use them. Find a table and seat yourself, if you’re not with your family or friends move, or suck it up. That’s it. My cousin had a seating plan and it didn’t go well for our side of the family and caused a delay in starting the reception.

Speeches: Chinese weddings don’t really do them, because generally there isn’t a wedding party. In this case, the English spoken speeches were not fully understood or appreciated.

Stage vs Dance Floor: Chinese wedding opt for karaoke rather than dance floors. We had a dance floor, (thank goodness, I love my peeps, but really…), but the only ones who really used it were the mixed families on the groom’s side.

The Commonality: A wonderful couple gets married, there’sawesome food, great company and an amazing night! Oh and the photo booth! =P


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