October Flightpath

On a white night, on the first of October I decided that I would fly across Nathan Phillips Square. Well, not really, Nuit Blanche was taking place and I even before I got there, I knew I wanted to try the Flightpath installation by Usman Haque and Natalie Jeremijenko. The installation was inspired by their imagination being captured by the flight of birds through urban infrastructure. This installation allowed people to experience what it would be like to fly through urban space and I was incredibly excited for the chance to try.

I got to Nathan Phillips at about 8 o’clock and thought, this is awesome there’s barely a line! Unbeknownst to me, I still waited almost 3 hours to experience ziplining in the square. The line was short, but wind conditions kept the volunteers from letting people through, so it was a long wait. When I finally got to the front of the line (and this was only because I was a single flyer), I had to do a written flight test before I qualified and was given the Department of Transportation tattoo, ID 5005. I loved the novelty of it.

Next, was the flight stimulation… definitely did not enjoy this! Lying on a piece of styrofoam and pretending to fly in front of strangers, while dramatic music blasted from speaks was a little uncomfortable. I really didn’t enjoy that spotlight. Finally, (after some more waiting) I was able to fly! I was soooo excited and then as I was being harnessed, I thought, this is really just a piece of styrofoam…

I was able to make it across (well, more along side) the square, and back. It was quite thrilling and it was a lot fun having people cheer you on, however when I was turned around to come back, someone started yelling things like, ‘You’re going to fall and die.’ Who does that? I really wanted to flip him the bird, but there was also a group of highschool students below me watching and I really didn’t want to be seen doing that. Other than that one person being an ass, it was quite an enjoyable experience.

So, in October I was able to zipline for the first time.


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