Playing A Brass Vixen

I’ve always wanted to try pole dancing, I think it’s the novelty of feeling like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. In November, for a birthday party, I took part in a pole dancing class at the Brass Vixen. Although I’ve always wanted to try, I was still very apprehensive about it. The class started with some basic moves, how to walk around the pole seductively and how to flirt, but the fun really started when we learned how to spin around the pole.

Learning how to spin around a pole was actually pretty easy, it was learning how to be seductive that was the hard part, at least for me. Watching myself in the mirror, I just couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward I was! It was not cute at all, but I’m glad I got to take a spin on the wild side, even it was only for an hour.


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