January Savings Report

I’ve made it through the first month of my savings plan. It wasn’t too hard to keep on track, but looking back, coffee is still a killer for me! I only bought coffee 7 times this month, but that was still 14 cups of  coffee (I take turns buying with a coworker), which works out to a cup of coffee every day I was in the office. That’s just over $20 on my morning caffination.

Being on a budget hasn’t effected my shopping too badly either, but it has made me more aware of my shopping habits. I always thought that I wasn’t a big shopper, and I know I’ve always, always been a very good bargain hunter, but I find myself wanting things more and more. Shopping has become that boy I was never interested in until he got a girlfriend. It’s that un-attainability. I know I shouldn’t, but I want it, and I got it… a pair of pink heels and a hoodie, but my shopping total was only 25.88. Being on a budget doesn’t mean I’m deprived of anything and I’ve enjoying it.


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