February Forgiveness

This month I decided my word would be forgiveness, because there are people in my life that I’ve been resentful towards and angry with. I hate that feeling, but it’s so hard to just let go for me.  A friend told me, holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal with the intent to throw at someone else, only you get burned. Point taken. I know I’m only hurting myself, but gah it’s hard to change.

I’ve been able to correct two relationship, it was hard and uncomfortable, but I did it. Communication was key, I had to say, I’m mad at you, you hurt me, and I’m trying really hard not to hurt you right now. It actually went better than expected. So, despite my Master’s in Communication, it appears I learned the most from Care Bears and GI Joe.

1) Sharing is caring

2) Knowing is half the battle

Because I valued these relationships I had to share my feelings and when the other party knew how I felt, we worked on resolving the issue.


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